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Lake Cumberland Game Birds

Welcome to Our  Site! With 30 years of Hatching Experience,& Producing
over a Million Eggs per Year!  Here at Lake Cumberland Game Bird Farm
& Hatchery, You can now find a complete line of birds and supplies. We
offer quail egg, chukar eggs, pheasant eggs, day old quail chicks,
chukar chicks, pheasant chicks, bobwhite quail eggs, jumbo bobwhite
quail eggs, northern bobwhite quail eggs, white coturnix quail eggs,
brown coturnix quail eggs, pharaoh xld1 quail eggs, chukar partridge
eggs, ringneck pheasant hatching eggs, feeders, waterier, incubators,
brooders, breeding pens, egg shipping supplies, chick shipping
supplies and more! Click here For pricing and more pictures, Please
click on Shop here or in the tab column to your left under Home of
this page!

We at Lake Cumberland Game Bird Farm & Hatchery are now supplying and
shipping flight conditioned quail, chukar, pheasant, chicks and
hatching eggs throughout the United States.  Our Farm is Located on
Hwy 90 between Monticello and Somerset Kentucky. If I can be any
assistance to you by supplying flight & weather conditioned

We have added more bobwhite hens as well as  pheasant & chukar
hens to help meet the demand for the 2013 Season! So please book your
orders early or  Place Your Order Now! To be early on the shipping
list for spring shipments.

We book large orders on adult bobwhite for hunting preserves and other
farms 6 months to 1 year in advance. However we do keep adult birds on
stock during the hunting season for small orders also (while they

Thank You  very much for making Lake Cumberland Game Bird Farm  what
it is today,  a State of the Art Chick Hatchery and Egg Supplier.

(Farm pickups are welcome by appointments only!)

on bobwhite quail chicks, chukar partridge chicks, ringneck pheasant
chicks get your order in Early for 2013 Shipments!

Chicks boxes, adult boxes & hatching egg trays & boxes are available
at farm for additional cost, these boxes may not be brought back or
returned to our farm for bio-security purposes.

If you would like to supply your own boxes you may do so, however they
must be new , soil free and delivered to our farm for inspection 72
hours before your scheduled appointment to pick birds, chicks or
hatching eggs up! Management Regulations

(no exceptions!)

birds, quail chicks or hatching eggs, please don't hesitate to place
your order now!  If you called on Lake Cumberland Game Bird Farm &
Hatchery last season and we were unable to serve you due to early sell
outs & shortages, Please except my apology!

Bookmark this site for Your Future Needs!

We Do Not Export Chicks Out of the U.S.

Hatching Eggs May be Exported at Customers Risk Only! Shipping Cost
will Be adjusted with out notice!

We Do Not Ship any thing other than Hatching Eggs at this time outside
of the United States.

Owner:  David Wilson
Rt.8 Box 1675
Monticello, Kentucky 42633
Office Phone 606-348-6370
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